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Molly Schneider

"Fall Harvest" Regina Klosterman

She had lovely orange hair. She had an amazing personality. We would talk for hours at a time. She had a wonderful way of telling stories, serious or silly. One day, she told me she had a new story for me, but it was going to be a scary one. 


“There once was a strange man who fell in love with a girl. He was enamored by her, and his affection shifted to an obsession. He memorized her schedule and one day when she was walking to her car after work, he grabbed her lovely orange hair and quickly covered her mouth to keep her from screaming. He dragged her to his car and knocked her out. She woke up in his basement.”


“That’s … a terrifying story, hun,” I said.


“Don’t you recognize it, darling? It’s how we met,” she said with an eerie voice. 


Our heads whipped around in the direction of a loud banging sound—the sound of our next victim. 

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