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The Blue Void an 'empty page'

Austin Yackle

"Life's A Beach" Skyler Tipton


The Blue Void an ‘empty page’


The taunting of the dancing waves,

Sound of water reaching the shore,               The blue void an empty page,

The empty page a description.

But if so, why no words?

The empty page is so many words.----So many words I want to see as me. 

Key word: want. Definition: something I can’t have. 


If I can’t have the words I desire.

                                 Then why do these words seek to exist?

Well, with words come opinions.

                                 People have opinions on who I am,

About who I decide to love,

                                 And the list seems like an ocean, filled with my blood,


And the evidence left there by my unwanted guilt.

Some decide to speak out directly to ones next to them,

And others hide their opinions beneath their breath.

But, all voices are heard.

                                  And all voices, a blue void.

                                                                   The blue void an empty page.

But all you have to do is ----- Write your own definition! 

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