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My escape

2nd Place

Annabelle Schneider
%22Lonely Sunset%22.png
"Lonely Sunset"
Marisa Lopez


Such a small, powerful word 

Something so big but also so small

Something that could be beneficial for one

But to others, means nothing at all.

What is isolation, you say? 

Maybe when I like to be myself 

And go off the grid for a couple of days.

But, why do I do this, you may ask?

Maybe I do this because I’m done with trying to impress.

Tired of faking to be in first class. 

Maybe I’m done with lies and tells

Or done with the depression I face but to others it 

Might be an 

“oh well”

Isolation is my escape. 

My escape to be free. 

My escape to be me,


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