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Funny how things change

Wyatt Wegener

"Old Days" Taylor Veach

You are sitting on the porch having a laugh

When you see grandma with a smile, it makes you happy

Looking around and everything being so small

The porch, the trees, the barn–even the deer on the wall

It all used to seem so big

Quietness fills the air now

Before laughter, conversation and fun was abundant

Grandparents are older

Grandkids are busier

No time for the ol’ grandparents anymore

A visit to them will make their week

Funny how things change


Go back ten years

Back when things were simple

You are in your grandparents’ yard

Looking around at nature

Watching life happen

Everything is so large and vast

Not caring about anything else in the world

Just a young kid with a big world in front of them

Funny how things change


A nip in the air

Leaves falling

Walking down by the lake

Still and calm

A light fog is cast over the water

Swirls from a fish grow throughout the lake

The birds chirping a loud and peaceful song

A glance at the rope swing

Remembering the fun times during hot summer days

Funny how things change


The screen door squeaks open

Grandpa walks out

Dressed to fish

He walks by you

Headed to the dock

The smell of old fish and fresh bacon linger

He steps into the boat

Yells, “you coming?”

Running to the dock, the dew wets your shoes

The shaking of the dock rattles the metal boat

Always fishing with grandpa every chance you got

Funny how things change

“You ready?” grandpa said

Your ball cap turned backwards, you nod your head

The boat fires up and lurches into gear

The ripples behind the boat grow bigger

As the boat seamlessly glides over the water

You come to grandpa’s secret spot

The words, “can you hand me the worms?”

Come from your mouth

Right as grandpa casts he says,

“Your legs broke… get them yourself”

You stand up quickly, excited to fish

The boat wobbles and you fall on the worms

“God damn it!”

Both of you look at each other and crack up laughing

Funny how things change


Later that evening, as the sun sets on the place

The whole family sits on the porch

Grandpa eagerly struts up the hill from the dock

“How are you guys doing?”

Everyone responds, “good”

Grandpa doesn’t take but two steps on the porch

“That’s my chair”

You stand up; he sits down

“While you’re up, will you get me one?”

Pointing to the fridge next to the screen door

You grab a beer and shake it up without him seeing

You toss it gingerly, acting as if nothing happened

KACHHHH went the can

Grandpa’s face is covered in beer foam, he yells,

“God damn it”

Everyone starts dying laughing

These things should never change

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