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Spooky Scribbler Write Off: Honorable Mention 1

Audrey Small, Noah Eggers, Jackson Kutka, Adam Townsley

"Rainbow Boa"

Olivia VanZee


For our Spooky Scribbler Write-Off, participants were given the first two lines and ten minutes to write. Winners were determined by creative interpretation and the ability to tell a complete tale.

We had no idea where the bodies in the attic came from. The only thing we knew is that they looked just like us. As we crept up the staircase to the attic, we were quivering with fear. We closed our eyes so it wouldn’t be as scary, but then we heard a noise, and our eyes opened wide to a horrendous sight.




Our grandmother’s brand new hat was in pieces on the floor. It wasn’t the hat that was scary but what was behind it. We gasped. A possessed black mamba engulfed my grandma. Our "bodies" lay right behind her. We ran for our lives with no thought of looking back. 

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