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Don't leave me

Amelia House

"The Colors We Feel"

Haylie Wrage

Her lips look so soft and tender and sweet. I can see her midnight blue eyes that match the night skies as I glance around the room. Her cheeks go pale as I take a step and creek the loose wood floors.

“H-hello…?” She calls out, soft trills that frizzle and burn in the silence. I take another step forward.

“Don’t be afraid. Please don’t cry.” My voice breaks at the end of my sentences. In fear of the night, she pushes the curtains back from the crumbling stone window.

“Who are you?” 

 “No!” The light of the overwhelming sun hits me and I can feel my skin burn. I fall to the floor. She runs over and holds me in her arms. My eyes flutter and close; her tears are sweet against my decaying skin.

“I'm sorry! I — I… didn't know!” She sobs. “Don't die! Please don't leave me! We are supposed to stay together!”

I move my hand and wipe a tear from her cheek. “I love…” As the light in me dies, I am not able to finish my words. Hundreds of years too early, I take my last stale breath. 

“I love you too, Vlad.”

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