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Scribbler Write-off 2nd Place

Luke Boomershine

"Krrrraig" Kathryn Napierkowski

Didn’t they tell you? I used to be you. A very, very tiny bug… You’re a bug, right? Shoot, wrong guy. Well, you may not be a bug, but I know I was.


I was a small and insignificant bug, but if you got to know me, I’m sure you’d be interested! I used to have segmented eyes and BIG SWOOPING WINGS! I was glorious — majestic. I was… I was... a moth. I had interesting quirks and things that made me stand out, but the butterflies…


Believe me, they were the monarchs of popularity. The only time I got noticed was when I pretended to be one, but… it wasn’t right. So, I have to say that I’m NOT a butterfly. I’m not a bug, a moth, an outcast, and I’m not you. I’m me.


I can see the same way, fly the same way, and I’m beautiful in the same way all the others are. I have my flaws, insecurities, and opinions that could seem ugly, but in the end, we need those to be beautiful, right?

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