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Change by Ashlyn Boeckmann-Ledvina

artwork by Briana Clark


Walking on the dirt path, taking in the landscape, I noticed the leaves changing colors, the plants beginning to die, the temperature becoming chillier than before, and the crisp and cool smell. As we approach the fall season, the length of sunshine begins to shrink which is responsible for the shifts in nature we experience during this time.

Fall is preparing the plants to die for the winter season. The sky becomes gloomy, the trees become bare, and the nights become longer. The plants can’t survive in the upcoming cold months, so they begin to die. This can deliver a very despairing feeling; however, without fall there wouldn’t be spring and summer. The plants have to die in order for them to blossom again in spring. This temporary “death” in the scheme of things, is actually beneficial, even though it doesn’t seem like it.

Life constantly throws curve balls similar to the dying fall. Initially, when change happens it can be dreadful: fear, anger, stress, and anxiety are common feelings associated with it. But those feelings won’t last forever. Embracing the change that has happened will allow a sense of relief and positivity in regard to what could have once caused such negative feelings.

College is the next step of my life and I have been anticipating this event for some time. However, when thinking about the process of attending a university, for as long as I could, I would avoid it. There are a lot of components that go into deciding which college would be best: location, school size, cost, and majors are just a few. There are an overwhelming amount of options as well. It's a lot to think about.

Even though I’ve had quite some time to prepare for making this decision, it still feels like it has crept up on me. The pressure was eating me alive. It took me quite some time to understand that it's okay not to know right now and to explore a variety of options.

Adjusting to the new lifestyle is something I will have to get used to. The life, schedule, and structure I have grown up in, is coming to an end. That portion of my life is “dying.” As excited as I might be for the journey I am going to experience, it is also sad to think about how my life is drastically changing. I am approaching a new season in my life.

Figuring out how to take on the responsibilities I have not had to worry about may be challenging at first. It could even become frustrating and overwhelming. But as time goes on, I will learn to appreciate how much I have learned and that I am capable of doing things that once were troubling. Embracing the struggles I will encounter will set me up for success in the future.

Walking on the dirt path, taking in all the changes beginning to happen, I translated it to real life. Change constantly occurs in life. At first, it can cause negative feelings. The despairing feeling associated with the fall season doesn’t seem beneficial unless I have the right perspective: change is inevitable—embrace it.

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