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Scribbler Write Offs are competition-style events where CDHS students crank out their best writing in twenty minutes. Each Write Off starts with a prompt.

Volume 16
Spring-Summer Write Off Winners

Volume 16
Write Off Winners

Volume 14

Spooky Write Off Winners

Once again, the Scribbler hosted our annual Spooky Write-Off; this time each piece included a character from a Halloween movie.

Volume 13

Colors Write Off Winners

Lighting up an otherwise bleak spring was our newest Write-Off, themed around paint palettes with quirky names. Student authors were inspired to let out their creative side!

Volume 12

Spooky Write Off Winners

Once again, we here at the Scribbler hosted our annual Spooky Write-Off, this time featuring one of randomly drawn prompts written by our own editors! 

Volume 11

Colors Write Off Winners

Volume 10

Isolation Write Off Winners

We encouraged students to write in any style or genre to the theme of “Isolation.” We had poems about the coronavirus, stories about being left alone, and tales about mental health.

Halloween Write Off Winners

Students chose one of three pictures and generated a spooky short story. Writers had to get creative and tell about scared children, spooky skeletons, and abandoned houses.

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