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Do You Know When You Started to Worry? by Adam Wilke

artwork by Rachel Spicer


Do you know when you started to worry?

When you used to love to talk to people,
But now you try to avoid it?
When you used to love school,
But now you worry about getting out of bed?
When you used to imagine your own world,
But now you can’t help but be p a r a l y z e d by your imagination?

Why do we worry about what others think?

People are driven mad by their imagination,
Blowing things out of p r o p o r t i o n,
Creating scenarios that will never happen.

People are trapped by their thoughts,
Living in a false world.
When you start to think about what others think of you,
You lose control of your life.
You stop thinking for yourself and start letting others think for you.

Why worry about what others think when you know what YOU think?

Isn’t that what life is about?

Being You?

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