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My Happy Place by Regina Klostermann

artwork by AI


As I walk along, my footsteps beat on the gravel to the rhythm of my heart. The grass peeks through the rocks and tickles the edges of my feet. There is a crisp, cool breeze brushing my hair and birds swim through the clouds while singing in a chorus. A layer of cold air hugs my body. Small furry creatures scamper in the freshly fallen leaves.

I approach an open field and hear rustling nearby. With Osage orange fruits, acorns, and crisp leaves coloring the path, I had an idea of what might come to visit my morning walk. This place is where my dad and I often go to find shed antlers in the hopes of finding a resting place of this beautiful creature. Osage orange trees bear fruit in October and November. The fruits will turn a green and yellowish color and fall on the ground. Often white-tailed deer will eat the fruits after they’ve fallen. If you see the fruits on the ground, most often deer are nearby.

I decide to sit in a flat area and watch the life happening around me. I hope I will see this creature cross my path. After observing for a while, I watch squirrels chase each other up and down trees. Swans and geese bathe in the nearby pond. My eyelids begin to feel like magnets; I fight against the magnetic pull. If I fall asleep, I could miss seeing a beautiful deer. Suddenly, there is a loud snap behind me. My body jolts as if I’ve been electrocuted. I open my eyes and there is nothing. I scan the area. Nothing. I give up. On the walk back to my family’s cabin, there’s disappointment on my mind. My hopes were high and they got shut down.

I approach the cabin, drag my feet up the stairs to the deck, and drop all of the weight of my body into the lawn chair. My mind recaps the events of this morning’s stroll. Disappointment floods my thoughts. I set my expectations high just to see a white-tail deer. What didn’t cross my mind was how peaceful my morning was. I had a good night’s sleep before and I spent time outside on a beautiful fall morning. If I could return to that day I would appreciate the time I spent outside.

Most of the time, my life is moving one hundred miles per hour and I miss out on the small things. Sometimes I need to take a step back and just slow down and breathe; we all should. With school work, being very involved, and working most of the time, I often struggle with time management. That day, when I was sitting in the field by myself, life slowed down and it was a beautiful moment. I got to sit and not worry about anything. My favorite quote from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off says, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop around and look once in a while, you could miss it.” Often I try to remind myself that I don’t need to worry about everything. I need just to slow down and take a breath.

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