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Song of Myself by Ella Taylor

artwork by Emma Holmes


Voices all around me. I hear them yelling,
banging on the mats, trying to keep the rhythm the same.
The cheers are almost like second nature to me. I could do them in my sleep.
As I say the words, I think. I sit and wonder. I am a cheerleader, But is that all that I am?
I am Dutch, Having my Great-Great-Great-Grandma come over.
“Ik spreekt en beetje Nederlands”
The stories being passed down for generations.
I am human.
With human qualities
But those don’t make you human.
Many animals have those.
Humans have a soul.
They have feelings.
They have thoughts.
Humans are the most complex living things.
They make, take, and create.
They can be beautiful,
Or ugly
Art is my soul
I love my eyes
I hate my legs
I love my style
I hate my arms
I hate more than I love.
I love when it rains
I hate when it shines
I love nature.
It’s stunning
I wish I were a part of nature.
Beautiful white flowers
Delicate petals
Thin green stems
Dew collecting on the leaves
But one can only wish
I wish I weren’t so loud
I yell
People tell me that I’m “Too much”
Too loud.
Too energetic.
Too complicated.
I wish.

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