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Spring-Summer Write Off 1st Place

Ava Melvin


I don’t really remember my summers. They’re typically filled with gray days, dark shadows, and sleepless nights. However, I do remember one summer in particular.

I was at Disney, because that’s where all the magical memories are made, and I was with my mom’s side of the family. Vibrant yellows, reds, and green danced with purple, orange, and pink from every corner. People were smiling all day. The aroma of chocolate, amber, and the hot sidewalk filled my nose the entire day.

It was expected to rain that day. I was on Thunder Mountain before I got off and it got dark. Blue turned to gray which turned to black. The smell of rain danced around the corner of the sky.

I’m not sure why, but my family got ice cream after Thunder Mountain despite the chill pinching my skin and the sky asking if we could go home.

Just as the weather had warned, it began to rain. It showered and people rushed to get out of the parks. I held my brother's and mother’s hands as we raced to get out. The rain created pools on the ground that I desperately tried to avoid. It didn’t work.

When the rain started, my shoes were more damp than a wet towel. Every step I took managed to squeeze water out of my shoe. Rain soaked my shoes and drenched my socks. As much as the water managed to make me cold and uncomfortable, it made me angry. There were still other rides I had wanted to go on. I wanted to ride The Haunted Mansion until I was as blue as the ghosts inside but yellow with glee.

I heard my grandpa growl and swear. My mother let out a hearty chuckle.

“Just put me in a coffin and ship me home,” My grandpa grumbled. Poor guy had been walking all day and was now blue with rain. My mother laughed and I did too. He said what we were all thinking.

We eventually got to our hotel room. We warmed up with caramel brown hot chocolate and playfully teal Disney movies. My family still says that quote when in distress and it never fails to make us laugh until our faces are pink.

A lot happened on that Disney trip, but mostly I remember the golden bronze, night sky purple, and rose red colors of the park and resort. I’ll never forget that colorful trip.

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