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A Reminder

Marisa Lopez

"Girl in Pink"

Addie Appleby

This following piece was originally published in an anthology

by the National High School Poetry Contest.


A reminder that you are not small and little

A reminder that you are not undeserving,


A reminder that your body carries stories

no book’s spine could ever fathom.                                                                

A reminder that your skin acts as armor

A reminder that you are a warrior and strong for the struggles battled.

you have spent so much time at war,

damaging the walls that protect your heart.                                                  

scars run deep in your veins the root of the wound you’ve established.

A reminder to heal and be kind to yourself.


validate yourself and heal with acceptance,

A reminder to never apologize for choosing you.

i will not kiss your bruises or ask about the scars,

but will watch you bandage the damage the people have caused.

watch you pick up the shattered pieces and reunite them.

A reminder to put yourself back together.                                                    

greet your reflection with love instead of looking past the mirror

A reminder to ignore every insult your conscience screams inside

that act as a detrimental poison.


A reminder to love yourself.

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