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A villager meets Sara sanderson

Ava Melvin

"Contrasts of The Mind"

Madison McKnight

The villager walked along the gravel road, almost gliding. Her feet barely made noise.

The night was quiet, tranquil. There was no wind to determine which way the flames would blow. There was no rustling of leaves or the sound of grass blades brushing against each other. Quiet as a mouse, was she.

A sweet voice — sweeter than honey, smoother than silk, prettier than potions — echoed through her ears.

The girl couldn't help but feel bonded to it. She had heard about this voice before. Her mother warned her to beware of it, but she wasn't a child anymore.

The voice led her to the woods and to a cabin with a small lake, a water wheel, and purple smoke emanating from the chimney.

A girl exited the house, holding a broom. Her hair was as blond as a sun, her dress had different shades of red and purple, and her smile — her smile was ethereal. Extraterrestrial. She was lustrous, shining brighter than glaze on pottery. Her face was beautiful as if she were carved from stone.

“No one can hear you from here, Sara! Go out there! To the village! Fetch a child!” An irritated voice bellowed a high-pitched shrill.

Sara chuckled and walked into the woods. She stopped when she saw the villager. Sara’s face went blank, her body stiff.

“You have a lovely voice,” the villager said. 

Sara smirked. “Thank you. Are you new to Salem?” she asked. 

The villager nodded, taking in every feature. 

“Well, welcome. I’m Sara, Sara Sanderson. And you are?”

“Bonnie McWay,” Bonnie replied. 

Sara frowned. She looked back at her cabin.

Bonnie was mesmerized by her beauty. 

“Would you like to join me?” Sara asked.

“Yes!” Bonnie replied, nodding her head.

“Will you tell anyone? About me?”


“I’ll teach you your first potion! Welcome to our coven!”

 Somehow the villager had fallen under Sara’s spell. A different spell from what Sara usually casts, but nonetheless enchanting. 

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