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The time on her watch said it was five in the morning. Only the stars she stared at knew
that her past identities marked the surrounding tombstones.

–Emma Holmes

“I never meant for this to happen,” said the man sobbing in his hands with a smile
on his face, and the search for the child continued.

–Emily Stearns


"Sketch" Adriana Kerr

A man slithers along, looking for targets. Shifting his eyes, he scouts for one particular purse—one that stands out among the rest and has a particular hidden treasure.

–Jaxon Henry and Corey Dochterman

A sobbing mother collapsed on the ground. I just watched, confused. Then I looked at the TV. There was a missing child. And she had been found . . .  –Haley VanScoyoc


"American Psycho" - Kole Tallman

The memory comes back. Take a pill. Pill after pill after pill. At this rate, he’s taking pills
just so he can see how long he’ll last.

–Ava Melvin

The phone rang, startling the exhausted reporter. She rubbed her eyes and looked at
the clock. 3 am. Reaching over case files, she answered. “Hello?”
“Help—” The line ended.

–Josh Curtner


"Colorful Love" - Marisa Lopez

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