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My Shadow Self

Ethan Dickey

"The Theatre" Henry DeHaan

Lurking like a monster

My shadow self resides

Always there but not always seen

Like a puppeteer pulling my strings

My darkest parts

It knows

My hated faces

It shows

My anger

Somewhere deep inside

Strikes like lightning

A flash scorching and bright

My fear

Hovers around my heart

A constant worry

A looming dread

My loneliness

A persistent ache

A reminding whisper

Alone, Alone

My lost self

The one I hide

Covered up by lies and facades

Is the one I want to be

Slowly, I cut the strings

And the shadow loses its hold

Almost free to be real

Almost free to be me

One day the shadow will fade

Always there but just a memory

No longer holding me

By strings made of my darkness

But the shadow re-ties them

Once again I’m dangling

By threads

Woven of my darkest parts

One day I’ll be free

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