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How Dare You

Crystal Burke


Hannah Brogden


How dare you.


You are supposed to encourage me to fly, to soar,

but instead, you take away my voice; you silence my roar.


While I work to turn my dreams into a reality all alone,

you never see me; you sit too high on your mighty throne.


Stop telling me to speak up when you still won’t listen at all.

My body burns with rage when I try to speak to a wall.


Instead of doing your job of helping me along my way,

You insist on bringing me down, each and every day.


A big tough man should not decide what I can or cannot do.

I am old enough to think. I am seventeen, not two. 


Never again will I let you belittle my spirit.

I’d show you this poem, but I doubt you’ll even care to read it.

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