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Huntington trail to the morning sun

Kaden Davis

Art Coming Soon

Beach Sunset

The sun breaks the surface warming a new side of the world. Everything is covered in morning dew as the temperature rises following the long cool night. I throw on my favorite red hoodie and sand-covered shoes for the long trek I have ahead of me to witness the sun’s full emergence over the rolling waves of the Atlantic at Huntington State Park. 


The whistling of the early birds and the chirping of many insects invites me to the entrance of the path through the Carolina forest. I enter nature's portal to awaken fully with the sun. 


While the final destination is where I want to be, I can’t forget about the path I need to take to get there. Elevated from the vegetation-covered ground, a seemingly endless path of precisely cut and well-maintained wooden slats cuts through the deep forest, all while strategically avoiding the towering and ancient trees that are home to countless numbers of insects and birds. A human highway runs right through a city of wildlife that remains unphased by the morning traffic of those walking to the peaceful beaches of Huntington. 


I make my way to the first of the planks and trek forward following the sounds of the Atlantic’s waves. The glow from the rising sun begins to peek through the branches like thousands of tiny windows flooding the wooden path with patches of light. The strong beach gusts and ocean salt fill the air.


Looking into the dense forest while walking the wooden path, I realize I’m not the only one admiring the sights. Vibrant colored spiders the size of my hand perch on their webs the size of beach towels and seem as if they are watching me walk by. The birds stop whistling their morning songs as I get closer and start again when I pass. While I look into the forest, it seems to look right back at me.


I reach the end of the path where the sand blows across the elevated boards. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, or in this case, the sun beginning to rise at the end of the path. 


I remember why I decided to leave the comfort of my bed so early in the morning. A few more steps and I will be face to face with the sun as it peeks over the Atlantic.


An orange beam of light spreads across my face along with a long gust of salty air. The shining sun reflects over the ocean like a giant mirror. The crabs scurry back to their homes under the sand, around the time people usually begin to leave their own homes, but I am here. I made it to witness the sunrise at Huntington.

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