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Buried in the Sand

Grace Mosier
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"Pose 9, Scratch Art" Abigail Castleman

How does the sun shine down 

How does it come up every morning

How does it provide life, humble life

How does it go dark at night 

How does it hide under clouds?


Questions flow through my head

Even as I lie in bed

Think to yourself these thoughts:


To walk along a beach

On a hot summer day

Buried in the sand 

To keep your feelings at bay

Counting shells on the ground

Oh, how wonderful it is

Being buried, wondering if you’ll ever be found


Take the time to meditate 

To take your photographs out of plain view 

Take time to reflect on your past

Your memories are always with you


No matter where you stand 

No matter where you’ve been 

No matter how hard you try 

Just know that you ARE seen.

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