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Prompt: Cerulean Skies

Alivia Burzlaff

"Frisco Colorado"

Soren Maricle

As I stare into the ocean, my vision blurs. The clouds lose their weightless shapes, and the sun turns into a far-off blur of light and warmth. I close my eyes, letting the sun’s rays completely wash over me. They carry me far away from this world of worry, sorrow, and shame. A world where Mr. Sun allows me to be authentically me. The negative thoughts that plague my mind melt away as my toes sink in deeper, and deeper, and deeper. I wiggle my toes and feel the sand brush along the tops of my feet. My sunkissed freckles create a map of memories across my face. Dancing in the wind, my hair becomes knotted, but I don’t stress. Amongst the rowdy children building sandcastles and the drunken fathers wading deep into the water, I find peace. The world around me ceases to exist. So there I stand, arms hung loosely by my sides. Just the cerulean skies and me.

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