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Punching Like a Girl

Noah Cummins

"Fine Line" Madison Edens

Punching Like a Girl


Hurt me to
Hurt me, too
Stare at me
Smile and cut me with the lips
Brown and blood and blonde
I’ll go I’ll go I’ll go I’ll go
Keep the coming and coming back for more 

Stimulate me with this knife in my eye
Agonize the inside of my ribs make it soft please 

When I return kick me down 

Make the impact melt my insides
It’s okay if it hurts so much
When I return, stare into my chest and warm it 

Simmer my blood in every single time
I’ll catch the ride it leaves today
Plan on the warm soft seethe tomorrow
You’ll never know either,
For as long as the pursuit is as long as the stare 

Will my unspoken lies paint disarray?
There is no need to swallow anticipation
I’ll let it melt in my mouth until my mouth is grey 

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