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Prompt: Illuminate me

Ava Melvin
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"If Darkness is my friend, then the sun is my enemy"

Mia House

She stepped into the garden. Everything was black and white. It was all anyone had ever been able to see. Black and white outfits, black and white building, black and white posters. The world was so boring in just those two colors.


As the girl stepped into the lovely garden, the smell of freshly cut grass filled her nose. The wind swayed the trees and the sound of waking birds swarmed her ears. 


The girl sat on a bench, taking in the view—even though there wasn’t much to take in, since the world was all but two very bland colors. The girl closed her eyes and sighed deeply. 


When she opened her eyes, she gasped. A flower in a bush stood out. Not because it actually went out further than the other flowers, but because of its different color. A bright color. Not black. Not white, and not even gray. A bright, bright yellow.


The girl blinked again and again and again. With every blink, a new flower of the same color appeared before her. A yellow that screamed over here! Look at me! Notice me! Tell others you can see me! I’m here!


Soon, the world was covered in all kinds of color. Ranging from the “Illuminate Me” yellow to “Fava Bean” green. The girl was struck with surprise. She could see color. The world wasn’t so boring after all. 

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