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A night out with Jeffrey dahmer

Audrey Schlimmer

"Sweet Tooth" Lindy Heister

I watch him standing by the bar
His cheeks flushed pink reveal a scar.
A jagged knot on his perfect face
Surreal and odd and out of place.

He laughs and my stomach drops 
He’s foolish, loud, and never stops.
I want him gone, he serves no need
I walk on by and he grabs my sleeve.

I think of ice upon his skin
The way he’ll tremble when the drugs sink in.
How I can’t wait for that sick delight
I take his hand and leave for the night.

He’s gone before we find the door
Stumbling and slow and on the floor.
I slide a hand around his waist 
And joke about his taste to drink.

He doesn’t laugh, he doesn’t blink
His eyes are closed and he’s ceased to think.
Quickly get him in the car
Gently; he doesn’t need another scar.

I’m speeding now, he starts to wake
He doesn’t realize what’s at stake.
Another drink and then he’s gone
We’re almost home–it won’t be long.

The street light catches on his face
I carry him into my place.
He won’t leave; I know he’ll stay
In the bath tub, he now lays

The glint of silver in the light 
The smell of his body is a delight.
I can’t hold back, I’m so close now
He won’t come back anyhow.

I take a breath, this comes with ease
I think I’ll start below his knees.
Crimson fills the clawfoot tub
Down the drain it starts to blub.

Water adds a pretty pink
I move his feet into the sink
First the right and then the left
I go back and fetch the rest.

His hands, so slim, are beauty unreal
I think I’ll keep this from this kill.

It’s time to stop 
I need a drink 
If I go too long, I overthink.

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