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Love or lust

Crystal Burke
"Beauty" Audrey Williams

Faces fade over time along with the life that lies within a rose.

Lust looks for the flower that stands bright and tall,

But even the brightest petals are doomed to fall.


Their love blossoms in the spring like wildflower buds.

The cold will never leave love beat,

While lust searches for summer’s heat.


Playing the part is what lust does best.

By mid may the tulip’s petals are bright.

Fall is destined to come, only to ruin their lover’s light.


Love avoids winter’s white frost like pansies blooming while it snows.

The heat of heaven’s fire warms the ground.

Everywhere lovers look, sun can be found.


Lust is clever, never a step behind.

Dandelions take on a flower’s look,

But love was taught not to judge by the cover of a book.


Love and lust walk hand in hand.

Lust dies out with the changing of the seasons,

But love never asks for reasons.

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