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Naturally Nature: a Poem

Kati Garrity

"Watercolor Flight" Mya Peterson

As the season changes from summer to fall

There aren’t any visible signs occurring; the grass is still green

The birds don’t seem to care, as they just keep chirping away

Wind blows the leaves off the tree

While the little creatures of the woods frantically run around

My brother reminds me of these creatures

Rambunctious at heart and free in the soul


There’s countless numbers of trees

But the one that really catches my eye is that big walnut tree

Surprising that they can live 50-250 years

If you eat their nutritious walnuts, they give you vitamins

The tree reminds me of my dad

Tough on the inside and out, letting nothing get in the way


Butterflies fly around

What amazing insects they are–so delicate

They can produce four generations during one summer

The monarch reminds me of my great-grandmother

Soft to the touch with a gentle soul


Naturally, nature is one of the truest blessings

Constantly reminding me of all of the great things in life

Showing me the memories I experienced as a child

I always seem to find that simple connection to nature

With that, I now know I can no longer take nature for granted

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