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Fall Write Off
First Place

Julia Fielding
Fall Leaves

Another brown leaf falls to the cracked concrete

The trees look bare and sad

Gray clouds cover a once bright blue sky

Songbirds have long since flown to warmer homes


All seems quiet, dull, and dead

And yet

The earth is bustling with life


Squirrels gather ripe acorns into their nests

Pumpkins brighten their skin to a beautiful bright orange

Pale marshmallows roast to a perfect gold over warm fires

Sparks fly into the air joining the stars to create a mosaic of beauty


Inside cozy homes, the aroma of cinnamon candles warms cold noses

Cheesy Hobby Lobby decorations are scattered throughout the room

Stacks of books are piled on every table, waiting for a rainy day


At last, it’s fall again

The most wonderful time of the yea

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