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Embryonic Araneae

Hope Petersen

"Untitled" Travis Klancher

It’s dark in here


I can’t remember when I got here

I don’t remember a before

It has always just been me snugged into this pocket

I am all folded up

The space is small

What fills the gap is something not quite water


I can hear muffled sounds

I hear a voice

Softened still by the space between

another voice

The orb lights up

A foggy glow through the skin of my place


A shadow is nearing

The small circle descends upon my egg

The bayonet pierces right next to where I am curled

Something tears

Light begins to stream in

I am falling


I land where it is hot and bright

Three large beings above me

Six eyes stare back at my eight

Their mouths open wide

And make a sound that screams at my insides

I jump


I try to scuttle back to the remains of my home

My eight squishy legs are too shaky for this,

Never have been unfolded from the den

They can’t hold me up

My dance turns to panic

I don’t think they are ready


This new place begins to feel wrong

Sucking in the air leaves me breathless,

It's so thin compared to the orb

Did they give me this skinny breath to breathe?

The warmth of the orb leaks out through my legs

I make one last attempt to get back to the egg


I recognize a small pointed end in the grip of the being

It was there when the orb broke open

And think, “Was it the laughing faces who banished me?”

I don’t understand

My small round body gets tangled in my own lanky legs and

I teeter, tumble, roll


Right into their pointed weapon

It mushes straight through me like the jelly in my orb,

This descent takes more time

I shrink like the broken orb

The brightness above forces my eyes shut

And as my body goes cold all over

I open my eyes


It’s dark in here

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