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Siren SOng

2nd Place

Brynn Van Horn
%22Misty Moonlight%22.png
"Misty Moonlight"
Marisa Lopez

Long ago on the coast by the sea, lived a man with a life unfulfilled. He spent his days wasting away, riding his bike around the town. One day, while riding his bike, he heard a melodic tone. An angelic voice came from afar. He peddled faster and faster to follow the song but it only seemed farther away. He did not want to give up, for the beauty of the music was too hypnotic, so he tried day after day to follow it.


Finally, after countless times of riding the coast, a bright orb appeared. The song was louder than ever. He reached out to touch the light and vanished in an instant. No one even noticed. 


Some say they see his ghost, a skeleton-like figure riding his bike at dusk. He hums the same song over and over, never stopping those weary back tires.

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