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Halloween Write Off
Second Place

Emma Holmes
Full Moon

Prompt: Zombie, Scared, Spooky


Are you Scared? 

Was my gift not to your satisfaction? 

I thought you would lose my spooky little present. 

I know you didn’t like her. 

So why do you weep?

If I were a zombie do you think it would be more romantic? 

We could have considered it dinner. 

Made a bitter heart casserole.

I’ve been watching you for a while.

I’m quite a fan of yours.

You’ve seen me around but never quite held my gaze.

I know everything about you.

You wear a perfume called “In the Stars” and you like to talk to yourself at night.

Your nostrils flare sometimes without rhyme or reason, unlike all the people who get angry at the most inconsequential things.

But that's just you, my love.

Someday I’ll whisk you away into my arms. 

Someday you won’t be able to frown. 

Someday you will be stuffed and part of my collection. 

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