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Halloween Write Off
Third Place

Brooke Crank

Prompt: Haunted house, zombie, witch


It was the fall of 2023, everyone's favorite season except mine. It was a Friday night and all of my friends were talking about a haunted house they wanted to go to. I was never the biggest fan of haunted houses, something always felt off about them.


Later on in the night my friends convinced me to go and we left my house. We got to the haunted house but no cars were there. There were lots of witch decorations and spooky clowns. The door had a sign that said open so we went in. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by a zombie and I was immediately on edge. Later on, it was our turn to go in. Everything was going well until the same zombie showed up and this time he wasn’t pretending. We ran for our lives and tried to find the exit. I stumbled on a step and fell but got up quickly. The real zombie was right behind us but we could see the exit sign. Finally, we made it out and we tried to find help. We told the workers what happened and they said no zombie was ever hired to work. That sent shivers down my spine and to this day my friends and I have never returned to that haunted house again.

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