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The Spider

Yana Sperry

"Beauty With Light In the Darkest Night" Emma Brown


A spider is something people are scared of

Bringing the sense of panic in some

But this spider, many won’t notice him

Due to his small stature, the size of a pinhead

There’s much                                                                 unknown about him

        Where is                                                                     he from?

How did he end up on this specific                   green plant in a big, big world?

    But all he does is stare back                       at me with eight round eyes

He continues to sit and observe what’s around him

Keeping to himself

Just staying on his own path,                                               spinning his web

Bracing himself against                                                the breeze that blows

Threatening to ruin the                                              life he built for himself

Many things could take his life                              away in the blink of an eye

From the squirrels trampling through the underbrush

To someone haphazardly walking by

To the rain pouring from the sky above

Most things are unaware of this spider

But the spider knows he’s there

He's living for himself

No one else

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