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Spooky Scribbler Write Off 1st Place

Alexis VanZee, Alexis Yackle, Marisa Lopez, Lindsey Delich, Austin Yackle

"Alien Squid" Reece Eggers


For our Spooky Scribbler Write-Off, participants were given the first two lines and ten minutes to write. Winners were determined by creative interpretation and the ability to tell a complete tale.

We had no idea where the bodies in the attic came from. The only thing we knew is that they looked just like us. Our mom always told us to stay out of the attic. Now we know why. I looked to my brother for answers but he was just as shocked as I was. We walked up to the glass cases that held the bodies and peered inside. Tate asked, “Why are we dead?”


I responded with, “That can’t be us.” I tapped on the glass and suddenly… other me’s eyes opened and let out a scream, and my brother echoed it.


We ran out of the attic as fast as we could to the kitchen where our mother was sitting in the corner. “Hi loves! Why are you guys running? I heard a scream, is everything okay?” she asked, with a twitch of the inner neck.


I responded, “Of course everything is okay mom.”


A creepy smile spread across her face. “Remember to stay out of the attic!” She took a long pause until she said, “Lunch is ready!”

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