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My Purpose

1st Place

Molly Schneider
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"Time Consumes Us"
Marisa Lopez

It’s dark in the closet. He hasn't taken me out anywhere in a long time. Not even to get a touch-up. I remember the day we met. He walked into the store on Mainstreet & we made eye contact. I knew we were made for each other. We have so much in common! We both love the color red and the sound of fire crackling after a long day at work. Then, things changed. He started to look at me strangely and would come back home tired & reserved. 


A week later, we went out. Not to do our normal workday routine, no, but a drive. We drove and drove until we got to a tiny house in the woods. We went to the door and he started to break in. I was alarmed when I found a young woman bound up. Then all of a sudden he lifted me up and, well—we killed her. I suddenly became more than just a wood chopping ax; now I had a purpose. We had a purpose. That was a year ago. 


There have been many more outings, but now as I sit in this closet with a half-dismembered woman, I hear the sirens.

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