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Three Poems For Thoughts

Casey Lopez

"Resilience in Roses"

Isaac Blandin

Hope costs too much

They tell us the world is ours,

but I can feel it slipping away.

My future runs like water,

right through my hands, like I didn’t even have it.

They tell us, tough times may be your only times,

but at least you have each other.

I want to escape from these hopeless future romantics,

they poison my future with their hope – and leave me with the mess.

I need to escape from this tiny over expecting town,

following me everywhere I go telling me – you need to do more.

The path that I had set out, fades away –

leaving me to be stuck in this education prison,

where the guards are told to push you to do your best.

When really – they push too hard.

I was not built to be pushed by others,

I will not be pushed by others when I cannot push them back.

But if I push back – I am reckless.

labeled for life and told to suck it up.

If I live, I am stuck in this box for years and years,

but if I die, I lie in another box – alone.

The day I am freed is when I’ll be able to see,

the reason they have hope and why it costs so much to have it.

Why can’t hope be free?



I’m a writer not a fighter –

if you can understand.

I fight for what I believe in,

even though my ideas get banned.

I have the right to speak my mind,

even when you don’t agree.

Why can’t you just be kind –

and accept me.

I am different and so are my beliefs,

but my rights are my own,

and believe me –

I am not alone.

These ideas make me who I am,

and you may resist.

But I will never change the things that I do –

they are my instincts.


Poems for Thoughts

I hold words in my mind –

I didn’t even know I had. 

I will share them with you,

if you share with me one thing.

Your thoughts – thoughts on all.

Life, death, love, hurt –

tell me your darkest secrets,

and more –

if you please.

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