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Dear Mom,


I’m sorry.  I just couldn’t do it anymore.  It’s not your fault, you tried your best.  I can’t get over what he did.  I love you.

-Blake Gerard


Jill got in the car and looked in the glove box, then fainted.

-Izaic Dimmick


I couldn't wait any longer than I already had. The man who killed my father was right in front of me. “Shhhh!” my partner looked worried as he looked at me. What are you going to do? 

-Jack Dollar


It’s difficult to drive on gravel and chase a tornado, but I caught up.  The tornado turned around. I had nowhere to go. I ran but didn’t get far.  

-Payton Hughes


He methodically put the shovel to dirt and hit something: a key with a note. “If you’ve found this, you know what to do.” It was addressed to someone else. 

-Molly Schneider



The boy could hear his parents argue over the sound of the violin. 

-Blake Bloom


Countless hours spent on a plane, just to be ruined by a dirty cheat.

-Kaden Dammeier


I can’t believe I’m alive. I left them all to die, and today I’m crying by myself alone. I should’ve been the one to go. Not them. 

– Noah Cummins


The young girl received a phone call from a wrong number that day. A raspy voice spoke, “Who has six months left to live? Your sister?... or you? You decide.”

-Kylee Devore



"Colorful Love" - Marisa Lopez

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