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el soy floats

Sawyer Mercado
"Bubbles the Fish" Alivia Burzlaff

my thoughts transcend the teachings, so i ponder in frustration even though i remain aware of this pointless exuding of energy that stems

my limbs are loose and tender as if they were rope, and my body, heart, and mind are healthy and fueled by my drive to expose the truth


obstacles tend to be frequent while pursuing the path

in the sea of people seeking conformity, i seek originality, and while my voice is small and muffled, my impact is large and my actions have effects and while this is the way of the world,

my youthful mind must adapt by realizing that my doings have meanings and dare i say, a power


though in this world, when i aspire to make waves, i stagnate, and

where i aspire to stagnate, i make waves

the walk of life proves difficult, a giraffe walking a tight rope i feel represents me

as bright stars guide me, perhaps their glow misleading, i follow ignorantly


though the glowing stars do not see, while i follow steadily behind

i learn from their mistakes and save my judgments as i explore the darker side of the unknown

i discovered a world that truly holds no waves and when i wish to stagnate i may truly hinder

thus, the question is, do i simply


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