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middle school Scribbler Write Off 2nd Place

Emma Holmes

The keys felt cool against my warm, soft hand. I gently moved my fingers over the ridges. This was my last chance. I used up my other two lives. 


A bead of sweat glided down my forehead as I turned and looked at the small camera. Behind it was one single man; he may seem manless to you. But this man had my life in his hands. 


Only one key could open the door back to the perfect reality, and all the others would end me. I stared back down at the four keys. I had a 25% chance. They all had two letters on them: his initials. 


I closed my eyes and steadied my heavy breath. I had to make a decision; it was now or never. I searched through my memories and smiled. I could see that perfect day at the park. My mom, dad, and brother were with me. A single tear slipped out as I remembered that day and my dead brother. 


If I had picked the right one, that day would have ended perfectly, and my dear brother, my rock, would still be here. I slid the second key through the door and walked through. I gasped as I saw my whole family dead. 


The man stood behind my family, a devilish grin spread on his face, a knife in hand. 

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