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middle school Scribbler Write Off 3rd Place

Mitchell Belk

Caleb was a normal boy until he went to Branigan’s house. He found many keys on his way there. The first, dark green and scaly. It looked almost as if it had teeth. The second, grey and cloudy, the third blue and moist. No matter what he did, it always somehow stayed wet.


Halfway to the house, he saw something clinging to a tree. It was somewhat rooted into the trunk. He pried the roots over and grabbed a fourth key. He strolled up Branigan’s steps and opened the door. “Aahhh!” he screamed. He fell to the ground. The last key was sharp and had cut his hand. 


He ventured upstairs but only found a hallway leading to a door. He grabbed the handle and turned the knob. It was locked. He put the scaly key close to it and the keyhole changed. He turned the knob again and it opened. 


It was dark except for two large eyes. All of a sudden, the light flashed on revealing a large, hideous snake. It struck. Caleb slammed the door and barely lived. He then grabbed the rooted key and placed it in. Behind the door was a vast jungle with animals screeching and trees as tall as ever. He entered, but the door slammed shut and he was trapped.

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