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Cinnamon Roll Day

Crystal Burke


Alexia Block


The sweet scent floated up the stairs and under my bedroom door. It made its way to my bed and pulled my polka dot covers onto the floor. It flung my door open, and before I knew it, I was racing through the hallway and down the stairs chasing it like a cat after a mouse. Ryan and Matt’s door slammed shut as they joined in on the chase. If anyone else saw us they would have thought we were competing for gold. But to us it was more than that, it was life or death. 


Push, pull, plow through until reaching the kitchen door. We fell flat on our faces and trampled over each other to reach mom. She stood by the stove in her morning robe. Her hair messy and hands covered in frosting. She smelled sweet and her smile beamed as we raced towards her.


“Turdler! You cheated! I was first!” Ryan whined as he tripped over his Power Rangers pajamas.


Matt chimed in quickly, “We’re older! We should get to pick first! Not the Munchin!” They laughed as they waited for my face to turn red.


Any other day I would have thrown a complete fit for mom to step in and stop them, but not today. The smell had completely filled the kitchen; it calmed every irritated nerve in my mind. I had no desire to fight with my big brothers.


Mom smiled at me with a warm glow, “Which one do you want, Sunshine?” I pointed at the center roll, covered in frosting. Towering over the others, it was enormous, like Mount Everest. Glorious, frosted, warm, and all mine.


My brothers whined and complained as mom dished it onto a plate. I sat down at the table and dug into the beautiful masterpiece. Each warm bite filled my growling belly. Matt and Ryan teased me, but nothing could ruin my mood. It was going to be a good day. Because today was cinnamon roll day.

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