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A recollection of memories

1st place

Caleb Govert
Adriana Kerr

He hadn’t talked to anybody for what felt like years now. No friends, no family, just complete and total isolation. That was mostly because he was trapped in his own mind. 


In his mind, there was nothing but doors. Or, really nothing but closed off memories— moments in his life, if you will. He would regain a memory every time he opened a door, but whenever he did, another door (or memory) would fade away. 


He had been regaining and losing memories the whole time he had been here. He tiredly walked towards another door. As he opened it, he saw himself getting married to a beautiful wife. He opened another door, but this time, instead of seeing the one he had opened, he saw the moment of his birth. He saw the memory shatter like a million pieces of glass. And then, there was nothing.


He had never been born.

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