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middle school 

Scribbler Write Off 1st Place

Leah Marvin

There’s a society of Keymakers underground. They’ve all lived down there since birth. Nobody knows who created their underground world. We just know they are there. All of the people born there learn to become Keymakers at the very young age of seven. 


The only thing everyone talks about down there is what’s behind the door to the upper ground. That’s why everyone spends their lives trying to make the correct key to get there. 


If they do create the right key, what unknown challenges will they face?


Some of them tried to physically open the door, but that ended in death. If they touch the door, a force pushes them away from it and into a big pit. That’s why they need a key.


 It has been 860 years since the underground world of Keymakers was built. I don’t know any of the people, or what they do for fun, or what they eat. I just wrote this by looking through this keyhole.

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