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Spooky Scribbler Write Off 3rd place

Jeff Fuller, Hunter Swearinger, Lilia Johnson


Taylor Veach


For our Spooky Scribbler Write-Off, participants were given the first two lines and ten minutes to write. Winners were determined by creative interpretation and the ability to tell a complete tale.

We had no idea where the bodies in the attic came from. The only thing we knew was that they looked just like us. Except their bodies were floating in clear chambers of liquid. The look in their eyes was extraordinary. They glowed like a black galaxy, lowering the whites of their eyes. We walked over to the chambers in awe, looking for a way to open them. The bodies looked as if their souls had left them and were taken over by one evil conjuring. We didn’t even have to look at them to know they were possessed.


The next thing I knew I was inside the glass unable to breathe and the body of me was on the outside. It was at this moment I knew something wasn’t right, as I was one of them.

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