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Spooky Scribbler Write Off: Honorable Mention 2

Scribbler Staff
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"All Eyes On You"

Maggie Borota


For our Spooky Scribbler Write-Off, participants were given the first two lines and ten minutes to write. Winners were determined by creative interpretation and the ability to tell a complete tale.

We had no idea where the bodies in the attic came from. The only thing we knew was that they looked just like us. We didn’t really know how to react, we just felt hungry. Even though people were dead, we could only think of tacos. But in our defense, it is taco Tuesday.


We shut the door of the attic and figured we'd deal with it later while we grabbed the keys and drove to Mezcal. Being morticians on empty stomachs is never enjoyable. After eating, we hopped in the hearse and drove back home, only to find the bodies were gone, and there were tacos on the counter.


Happy Halloween

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