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Poisoned Love

Savanah Meyne


Yana Sperry

Your water is murky,

And I cannot see,

Yet I still swim; to me it’s clean,

You know I’ll never leave


My fingers may wrinkle, 

And my heart be swollen,

But I won’t care,

As long as it’s you I’m full of


Clamping your hands over my mouth,

It's like you want me to drown

Your poisoned love keeps dragging me down

Into the deep, where my toes can’t reach,

becoming so weak, where I can't breathe,


But it’s here I’ll keep,

For you only want me, 

You’re the one thing I need

My lungs, deflated, will burn for air, 

But I’ll choke on your lies instead

If you shove them down my throat enough,

I’ll have to learn to swallow


Suffocate me, 

I won’t mind

by all means,


Take your time

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