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Cody Penniston
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 Lauryn Ginter

Drew and I were walking down a dark alley with a dim light in the middle, heading towards the smell of food. As soon as we got into the light we heard a deep growl, the kind that you can feel in your chest. We glanced to the right and saw a shredded pit bull that looked like it was taking steroids. It started barking viciously, snapping its mouth at us, seemingly ready to tear us apart. 


The dog took off towards us; everything was happening in slow motion. The metal chain attached to its collar tightened and then ching. It broke. The only thing that was between us and the dog was a three foot tall fence. After seeing the dog break through the chain like it was nothing, I had no doubt that it could easily clear the fence. I sprinted off and saw Drew out of the corner of my eye. He was frozen.


“Run!” I yelled. He still didn't move, but I didn't care; I kept running for my life. I rounded the corner at the end of the alley and there was a tree. I climbed up the tall lifeless tree in what seemed like a split second, and from there I waited for Drew to come around the corner.


Thump thump… thump thump.  


I couldn’t hear anything other than the blood pumping in my ears. 


Thump thump. Seconds feel like minutes. 




After what seemed like forever, and still no Drew, I got out of the tree. I was thinking Drew might have gone the other way, the dog’s vicious barks drowning out Drew’s cries for help. 


I ran around the corner and saw Drew lying on the ground. The massive grey dog stood over him. It licked him in the face as Drew was laughing and smiling.

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