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The Waterfall

Mackenzie McKnight
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"Seashell Observation"

Madison McKnight

I had always liked being alone. Whether that meant sitting in my room doing absolutely nothing or going for a walk through the forest behind my house. Today was one of those days when I went on a walk. I needed to clear my mind. 


I follow the trails like I always do, but as I walk, I notice a waterfall off to my right. I don’t remember it ever being there which is odd.


I decide to go and explore it having nothing better to do. As I get closer to it, I notice something behind it, like the waterfall is almost transparent. Yeah, water can be transparent, but this is weird. Something is moving behind it. 


I could leave, but my curiosity gets the best of me and I get closer. The closer I get the more I can see what looks like fairies, but I think: No. That can’t be. Fairies aren’t real. 


Or are they? I take another step closer to the waterfall, practically standing in it now. I reach out and try grabbing for the small creatures. I can’t quite reach them, so I try to go through the water. 


Slowly but surely, I walk through and find myself standing on the other side. What I see before me looks like it could be from a whole other universe. There is a large willow tree towering over different creatures. There are fairies, monsters, and even giants roaming around. There are flower fields covering most of the ground. I can’t believe it. It’s like I just stumbled into Narnia and this waterfall is the wardrobe. 


I look around, amazed, for what feels like hours before finding my way back through the waterfall. I sprint home to get a good night's sleep, preparing myself for full day of exploring the newfound land.

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