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Fall Write Off
Second Place

Gabby Ciriac
Cozy Fireplace

It’s mid-fall season. In the corner of my eye, red, orange, yellow, and shades of brown are blurred outside the window. I can tell what the weather is like by the sound of the wind. It makes me grateful to be fireside inside the warm and cozy living room, with the ambiance of leaves dancing in the wind.


I recently finished my homework and I'm watching the classic movie Hocus Pocus. Something about that movie always makes me feel at home.


I had been out all morning walking in the crisp fall air with a cold coffee in my hand. I'm not fond of hot drinks, the way they always burn my tongue, but the burst of sweet rich flavors always soothes me.


I look at the people beside me, my parents and close friends, multiple big smiles to a point where their eyes are almost shut. They enjoy the movie as much as I do. Looking at my parents' faces as they enjoy the film makes me feel even better. Even the side conversations with my friends that usually annoy me make me smile.


Fall is such a beautiful season, and I enjoy it each and every year.

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