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Two Poems

Ethan Dickey
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"The Gulf Stream"

Winslow Homer

“Lost to the Sea”

Oh man on the boat

What do you see?

Beyond the waves

Where you long to be free.


Did the world toss you around

For mother nature’s delight?

A toy ship in a tub,

Lost in the night.


Do you glance towards hope?

A saving grace?

An island in the water?

Or a familiar face?


How did you get here,

Oh man on the boat?

You thought you could win,

You thought you would float.


Sharks in the water,

A storm on the ocean,

The sea seeks to drag you down,

Without remorse or emotion.


Have you given up,

As on the deck you lie?

Oh man on the boat,

Have you said goodbye?


The end is near,

It’s time to sleep.

Oh man on the boat,

Do not weep.


The ocean will hold you,

Rock you gently in her waves.

As you descend into the water,

To join the undersea graves.


Live With Eyes Wide Open

We spend our days wanting,

Hoping beyond a doubt.

Looking for something to complete us,

What we feel we can’t live without.


We feel our souls are incomplete,

We cannot help our wishing.

Searching for something to make us whole.

Something we feel is missing.


Along the way we break our hearts.

We put ourselves through hell.

We slam our hands, we shake the bars

Of our self created cells.


We spend so much time wishing

For more time that we lose.

So much time is wasted

Avoiding death’s humble hues.


So live with eyes wide open,

Unblinded to the world unearthed.

Let your spirit move unchained and free

In a dance your time is worth.

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