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A New Horizon

Crystal Burke

"Look at the Stars"

Cassidy Smith

I’m running out of the shadows,

to see the sunrise break the horizon as it grows.

I’m soaring, searching, and seeking a glorious height,

breaking into a new glorious light.


My eyes widen with glee

as I see birds flying above, fearless, full, and free.

The golden glow seeps across the snow-covered mountain tops.

I pray this sweet epiphany never stops.


This new world is full of adventure,

a whole new life daring me to enter. 

New memories, mountains, and meaning I shall seek.

There is no limit to a higher peak.


The winds no longer pull me back, but rather push me to go.

How can I travel with them all, what is my path, how will I know?

Life taunts me with endless pathways of moments, 

But endless new horizons promise me wonderful enjoyments. 

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